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Dr. George Watson has been helping the Business Community and Law Enforcement for thirty years. An abridged list of the specific companies he has worked for can be located below. Many of these companies have written to thank Dr. Watson for his business consulting expertise.

Agencies Utilizing Public Safety/Law Enforcement Consulting


Clark Johnson, Bozeman, City Manager

"Dr. Watson was an important resource in technical issues education and implementation in the area of hiring right the first time. Dr. Watson more importantly was a big part of our organizational relationship success."


Mark Tymrak, Bozeman, Director of Public Safety “Dr. Watson provided a leadership role in the promotional process for both the Police and the Fire Department. From start to finish his input was appreciated both by the hiring committee and the applicants. Dr. Watson brought good external insight into our process and helped us identify the most qualified applicants.”


Chuck Winn, Bozeman Fire Chief, “Dr. Watson improved the credibility of our promotional process by working with us to develop a selection system that evaluated the critical job skills… and gave us the tools to maximize the potential in those employees who unsuccessfully competed for the promotion.”

Firms Utilizing Business Consulting

Rick Weaver, Bozeman Daily Chronicle: "Dr. Watson has done a great job working with our staff developing a team selling atmosphere. He has also helped several of our managers reach their full potential. His work has helped us increase productivity and the bottom line. I would highly recommend Dr. Watson."


Hank Kashiwa, Yellowstone Club: “Dr. Watson does a marvelous job of focusing on “Top line management to achieve bottom line results.” The marketing function of any organization relies entirely on the energy and cohesiveness of the marketing team, to provide the tools to communicate the company’s message in a constructive positive manor. The message must be effective and usable in a multitude of applications. The ability to distill the great amount of information to present the company’s “simple message” and make it provocative enough to evoke call to action is always a challenge. Sometimes, we need a third party’s input to enable the team to act and work as one, to achieve this daunting task. Dr. Watson helped us find this commonality of purpose in the fast paced and ever changing environment. Dr. Watson helped us bond together a group of individuals and to work as a team within the chemistry of our company. His skills, personality and on-on-one ability to invite openness is truly a valuable resource!”

Gil Amelio, former Chairman and CEO of National Semiconductor and Retired chairman and CEO of Apple Computer  Building an exceptional organization requires doing the “soft side of business at least as well as the “hard” side. As a friend of Dr. Watson for 20 years, I can think of few people as well equipped as he in helping business leaders make human assets highly productive and fulfilled.

Additional Agencies we continue to work for:

Gallatin County Sheriffs Office, Bozeman, MT

Sweet Grass County Sheriff’s Office, Sweet Grass, MT

Park County Sheriff’s Office, Park County, MT

Livingston Police Department, Livingston, MT

Livingston Fire Department, Livingston, MT

Livingston 911, Livingston, MT

Three Forks Police Department, Three Forks, MT

Montana State University Police, Bozeman, MT

Bozeman Fire Department, Bozeman, MT

Bozeman Police Department, Bozeman, MT

Bozeman 911, Bozeman, MT

Gallatin County Detention Center, Bozeman, MT

West Yellowstone Police Department, West Yellowstone, MT

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