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Business Consulting

The Business Psychologist works with executives and their employees creating an environment where everyone’s goal and behavior is to improve the bottom line.


Good business consulting is based on the belief that “people are people,” regardless of their functioning environment. They may operate differently in different situations, but they still operate as people. Developing the executive and supervisory ‘know-how’ to best motivate and bring the best out of people under a variety of conditions is a major resource from the Business Psychologist.


Executive Coaching

Most executives know what needs to be done in order to achieve the best outcome. It’s just that “to do the right thing,” often something is standing in their way—inside themselves. The Executive Coach helps to discover those personal obstacles and ways to get them removed, all within a non-threatening, confidential environment so that the company leader can implement his/her executive type talents unencumbered by personal obstacles.


Employee Selection

A good employee selection process incorporates the distinction between “an employee who can” and “an employee who will” succeed. Employee selection procedures need to go beyond finding employees with the necessary talent and skills. Employee selection procedures determine if the personality and behavioral makeup of the applicant are consistent with the company environment. This helps to ensure that the applicant actually will perform as expected.


Employee Development & Employee Counseling

Most employees want to do things well. That point underscores

the importance of giving employees helpful information about

themselves and and how they function. The Business Psychologist

will provide that information to both employees and their

supervisors. We find that the more more people know about

themselves, the better they function and the more they like their work.

This is accomplished through professional interviews, psychological

 testing and focused employee counseling.

The types of psychological inventories most likely used in business

settings are personality, behavioral, professional interest inventories

and  tests of cognitive functioning.


Occasionally an employee’s job performance may become

compromised and fall below acceptable standards. These changes

 may come from the employee being affected by some difficulty in

their life (e.g., divorce, pending job loss, death of loved one) or use

of excessive alcohol and/or recreational drugs. The Business

Psychologist can help minimize the resultant negative effects either

through direct employee counseling or through preventive measures.


Workshops and Company Retreats

Employees can be motivated by receiving information helpful in both or either the work or personal environments. The Business Psychologist can deliver helpful information in either a didactic or seminar format on a topic chosen by the company executives.


Sometimes it is helpful to become more creative. Company retreats can provide an opportunity for executives and top staff to think outside the box to enable the company to move forward. Team building and goal setting can be two very important outcomes of these Retreats.


Anti-Violence Education

Violence in our schools and the work place has become a fact of life. Violence is not unpredictable. There are clear warning signs and interventions that can take place to prevent violence. Educating our community to these warning signs is crucial for all organizations.  In an effort to make our schools a safer place Dr. Watson, with the support of the American Psychological Association, mobilized an anti-violence campaign in the state of Montana. He assembled a team of powerful allies ( Senator Max Baucus, Superintendent of  Public Instruction Nancy Keenan, the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, the Montana Parent Teachers Association, the Montana Psychological Association and the Montana Association of Churches). These allies coordinated by Dr. Watson combined their efforts to present community youth anti-violence forums in eight different cities that were attended by hundreds of concerned citizens. For his efforts Dr. Watson was awarded the State Leadership 2000 award by the Montana State Psychological Association. If you have issues regarding violent incidents on your campus we can help.


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