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These five services target the most significant decisions your agency will make. The organized procedural steps, reliable testing, and usable reports provide you with the information you need to make the right call.


       1. New Hire -Psychological Evaluations

This New Hire Psychological Evaluation is a ten page all encompassing evaluation. It represents a variety of testing instruments as well as interviews. The cost is $700. The initial process takes about three hours. Subsequent contacts with the applicant can typically be by phone. Alternatively, meeting with the applicant in their local area is possible after arrangements have been made.

This confidential report includes an Executive Summary of our Psychological Evaluation, a complete listing of all testing instruments utilized to complete the evaluation, a section detailing the validity of the report and validity of the tests administered, a summary of the candidate’s personal (background, education and employment history) with appropriate comments for that individual. Sections detailing medical history, legal background, substance abuse risk are also included as well as a summary of likely future problems. A sample of how problems will present in the report are shown below.


Likelihood of Problem Behavior

Job-relevant behavioral domain


Risk Level

Job-related problems



Integrity problems



Anger management problems



Alcohol use concerns



Illegal drug use concerns



 A complete list of the candidate's Behavioral Overview along with his or her psychological profile and training suggestions for that specific candidate are included. A clear recommendation is given. We are always available for further explanation or support for your agency should a problem arise.

      2. Fitness for Duty-Psychological Evaluations

    This report varies greatly. Generally it is tailored for the issue the agency needs reviewed. If  there has been an incident, that issue is throughly investigated as well as the employee's current ability to perform his/her specfic job. We have done complex assessments involving a review of all co-workers or simple reviews that return an officer to his/her position and involve only an interview. All reviews have a written report and specific recomendation. Please contact us for more specifics.


     3. Short Term Counseling

     We can provide counseling for any of your (employees/deputies/officers) who need a few sessions to get back on the job. Referral will be made if long term issues or conflicting issues with the agency are possible. In general the counseling sessions are billed at $125. per single session.


     4.    Promoting from within your ranks

    We also help public safety agencies set up and run their promotion process. This process when facilitated by an outside psychologist not only helps in regards to HR issues but creates a feeling of fairness for the process and acceptance of the candidate selected. Additionally, often a specific psychological issue not covered above can arise and if we are working for that agency, we are usually available to respond quickly when called upon. Often just a phone call can provide the direction you need.

      This can range from $1,000 - $5,000. The promotions process varies in cost depending on how many candidates you have applying for the position and how many evaluators you have on your assessment panel. This is a fairly complicated process and often agency specific, so you are invited to call for a personal quote. 


5.  Selecting Key Positions for your organization

     If you are in need of hiring a key position from the outside or from within your ranks our office can help select the right person as well as design and run an appropriate and fair hiring process. The process you use is almost as important as selecting the right person for the job. Often the officers, not selected, must continue to work with their newly promoted superior who just last week competed for the same positon. It is important that the process have  integrity and that the process is known throughout the agency as a fair process..



George W. Watson, Ph.D.


Since 2005 we have been doing a large percentage of our practice with Public Safety / Law Enforcement. Our work centers on Psychological Evaluations for “New Hires” as well as “Return to Duty Evaluations.”  We attempt to determine if the applicant is a good fit for the department and that the department is a good fit for the applicant. We find that expending effort at the front end of an Officer’s employment can help preclude legal and personnel problems later on. Also included in our Psychological Reports are extensive suggestions for training that specific new hire while on the job. We also help agencies to set up and run their promotional process.


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