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                      Law Enforcement / Public Safety     

Private Firms

Public Safety And Law Enforcement agencies require a unique team of higly motivated, committed individuals who operate with integrity. Bozeman Psychological Services can help you build your team.    We Offer:

  •   Fitness for Duty-Psychological Evaluations
  •  New Hire-Psychological Evaluations
  •  Short Term Counseling
  •  Promoting from within your ranks
  •  Selecting Key Positions for your organization

Many of our services are tailor made for Public Safety/ Law enforcement Agencies. Find out the specifics using the Public Safety/Law Enforcement link. This will detail our services including cost, testing instruments, time frame etc...


Private Firms  

  • Do you need a fresh perspective or an ally regarding a sticky situation?
  • Do you need a confidential and insightful evaluation of your current staff?
  • Is it time for an executive retreat?
  • Is everyone in your office working in the most advantageous position to achieve the company goals?
  • Is the climate in your workplace set for maximum efficiency and production?
  • Is it time to hire, manage or promote employees?
  • Our services are ready to go to work for your company.

The Business Consulting link will review and detail your options in the private forum. The Public Safety and Law Enforcement link will review and detail your options in that forum.



Link to details for Public Safety/Law Enforcement.

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